Receivables Solutions

Payment processing services give businesses faster access to funds

As a business, you're doing everything possible to build up your customer or client base. The next important step is to identify the best possible ways to process all those incoming payments and credits. At PCSB Bank in New York, our technology-driven Receivables solutions can help your company reduce costs, fast-track deposits and significantly improve cash flow. 

First Data Merchant Services

PCSB partners with an industry leader to provide businesses of all sizes with faster, smarter ways to process credit and debit card payments.

  • Accept all major payment types
  • Save on transaction costs with lower fees
  • Expedited next-business-day funding to your accounts
  • Flexible web-based payment processing solutions and customized reporting systems
  • Access to wireless, hand-held and mobile processing technology

Remote Deposit Capture

Easy-to-use technology allows your staff to scan incoming checks and then electronically transmit deposits from your business location.

  • Save money and time by eliminating trips to a bank branch.
  • Conveniently make deposits in minutes prior to 5 p.m.
  • Images of deposited checks are electronically archived and can be easily accessed for up to 45 days.

ACH Origination

Electronic fund transfers are a fast, safe way for businesses to receive payments of all types.

  • Reduce the processing fees that come from handling and depositing incoming checks.
  • Faster account clearing of receivables provides your business with better control of your cash flow.
  • Benefit from the ability to include addenda information, such as an invoice reference, to an ACH payment.
  • Receive notification when an ACH payment has been submitted to your business.
  • Keep account information up to date with same-day or next-day reporting.


Our service is the most efficient way for businesses to collect payments sent via the Postal Service. PCSB Bank picks up your mail at the Newark, NJ, post office and utilizes an integrated platform to process payments, make deposits and report transactions.

  • We offer retail Lockbox services for residential real estate and homeowners association accounts. These come with  multi-account holder processing capabilities.
  • Our Wholesale Lockbox the system offers fully image-based processing, interactive decision-making capabilities and seven-year image retention.
  • Minimize the number of deposits that haven't been credited to your account and get faster access to your money.
  • Maximize the availability of your working capital.
  • Speed up access to critical payment information so you can update your receivable system more quickly.
  • View payment information from your desktop, making it easier to service customers.
  • Save money by reducing administrative processing costs and eliminating storage expenses.
  • Take advantage of easy-to-use online access to fully imaged and indexed checks, coupons and remittance documents.
  • Flexible processing and data capture features provide standard or customized payments reporting options.