Certificates of Deposit

​High yielding CD's can be the perfect savings vehicle for your financial plan.

​A guaranteed rate of return for your hard earned money, with a variety of maturity terms.

​Certificates of Deposit

  • Certificates of Deposit offer a great way to put some money to work that you won't need to touch over a fixed period of time.

  • The rate of return is guaranteed and will not fluctuate over the term of the CD.

  • CD's are FDIC insured so your money is safe.

  • CD's are available in a variety of maturity terms. Generally, the longer the term of your CD, the higher the rate of return will be on your money.

CD Laddering

Laddering is a strategy where you space out the maturity dates on your CDs. By spreading out when the money is available you can protect yourself from being locked into a long-term product if interest rates rise.

Ask your local PCSB Lower Hudson Valley, NY representative to help you decide if CD Laddering might work for your financial situation. 

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0.55% APY 

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