Cash Management Services

Financial solutions for your business.

​At PCSB Bank, we recognize that when it comes to running any successful business, managing cash flow is critical.

Cash Management Tools to help you save time and money, so you can focus on growing your business.



ACH Origination is a faster and safer way for businesses to receive collection for invoices or receivables.

First Data Merchant Services provides your company with a faster and smarter way to process credit and debit payments.

Lockbox — Retail/Wholesale Lockbox is the most efficient way for businesses to collect, post and report payments received by mail. PCSB picks up mail from the Newark, NJ post office and utilizes a single, fully integrated platform for processing, depositing and reporting all transactions.

  • Retail — for residential real estate or HOA accounts, there are Multi-DDA processing capabilities.
  • Wholesale — the system offers the capability of fully image-based processing, interactive decision-making capabilities and 7-year image retention.

Remote Deposit Capture allows you to scan checks and transmit deposits from your business location.


Ace Payroll Services specializes in all forms of customized payroll, human resources and employer solutions designed to meet the needs of your company.

ACH Origination is a faster and safer way for businesses to make payments — use it for direct deposit of payroll, send mortgage and other payments.

Wire Transfers are a safe, secure and efficient way to move funds between institutions. Online initiation of domestic and international (USD and FX) wire transfers are available.

Fraud Prevention

ACH Blocks and Filters allows for the filtering of ACH debit and credit transactions based upon the needs of the business.

ACH Positive Pay is a fraud prevention service designed for businesses with ACH activity.

Positive Pay is a fraud prevention service designed for businesses with a large volume of check activity.


Account Analysis works in conjunction with our analyzed checking account.

Account Reconciliation enables you to automate your company’s monthly check reconciliation process with an electronic record of issued checks against daily paid items by PCSB Bank.

ACH EDI provides supplemental payment or credit information on your company’s ACH debit or credit transactions.

Business Online Banking An efficient set of online tools that can be customized to suit your business needs ensuring your cash balances are consistently working for you. History is retained for 1 year.

Business Mobile Banking enables you to conduct online banking remotely via your mobile device. Also provides you with Wire Transfer, ACH and Positive Pay approval capabilities along with phone remote deposit capture. 


Commercial Investment Sweep initiates an automated overnight sweep of company’s funds based on target balances that are set up by you. All excess deposits are transferred into an interest-bearing account and should your balances fall below your target balance, funds are returned to your checking account.

Zero Balance Accounts are funded once a day subject to your company’s target balance.


Escrow Management Services provide businesses, municipalities or professional clients, with our suite of escrow products assuring that you meet legal and compliance requirements related to escrow management.

Business Checking Accounts
Manage your company’s daily transactions with accounts made for business.
SBA Loans
Pay for large business expenses with a helpful small business loan.